Cyprus Job Market is an online jobs portal. Our mission is to make job hunting simpler and more convenient for both the Cypriot employers and the job seekers. The online job site search was founded by Vadim Crivceanschi and Tatiana Zhdanova.

We created Cyprus Job Market because of our own personal needs. While working in the investment industry we were looking for forex specialists, but most Cyprus jobs agencies charge around 8 percent of the annual salary. Even with just a basic salary of the consultants, it would mean paying a couple of thousands of euros to the recruitment firm.

Why Use Cyprus Job Market?

Our website allows companies to find the right people without having to spend a lot of money on the recruitment process. Companies can post their Cyprus jobs in the website for a fixed fee of 29 euros. For just a small fee, employers are able to post their vacancies and exposed to the entire country.

It reduces the time to find candidates for the job. The job search and hiring becomes a 24/7 process. It only takes a couple of minutes on our website to create a job listing. As soon as it is up, companies are able to receive CVs right away.

Cyprus Job Market also makes it more convenient for job seekers. By using our website, it reduces your hiring process for candidates. They can easily create a CV on the website and apply for any Cyprus job opportunities found in the website. Our team will make sure that jobs found in the website are genuine.

There are listings for all types of Cyprus job opportunities in our website. Whether you are looking for a part time or a full-time job, you can find them all in our website. We also have listings for specialized and seasonal jobs.

We act as a bridge between companies and job seekers in Cyprus. No matter what industry you belong to, you can find a job on Cyprus in our website. We provide the most convenient and simple way for job hunters and businesses to meet each other.