Cyprus Job Market Persons. Maria Rozhkova. Episode 1. Introduction.

Watch the video with Мария Рожкова (Maria Rozhkova)You are welcome to ask Maria any questions.

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Episode 1. Introduction

Hello my dear audience. My name is Maria and almost one year ago I moved to Cyprus. This decision changed totally my life.

All my life I was working in offices of large companies, in big corporate structure. And suddenly I decided to move to Cyprus and this decision changed my life at one moment.

So, in this video I'll tell you my story. I'll tell you not only about the opportunities and challenges of this decision, but also about psychological aspect. 
"How to understand what YOU really want to do? How to find you own way and how to open you talent?"

In my video I'll give you very useful and effective recommendations and you'll understand:

⁃ What you really want to do.
⁃ What kind of business or profession you want to have.
⁃ How to open your talents, your passion.

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Thank you very much for attention.

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