Cyprus Job Market Persons. Maria Rozhkova. Episode 4. Step 3 to your dream.


Episode 4. Step 3 to your dream

Today I want to tell you how to open your creative potential. I'll tell you 5 points how to do it very easy. Doesn't matter where you are working now - in office or on freelancing, open your creativity is very important. 1. Point one - remember what you liked to do in the past, when you were a child. In most cases, when we were children, we were doing something that we really like. 2. Point two - try different types of art. Don't wait for money or special curses or teachers. Just do it. 3. Third point - stop judging yourself. 4. Point four - find something that inspires you - music, people, nature etc. It'll help you. 5. And my last advice - continue to dream and imagine what kind of creative potential you want to have in the future. Good luck in your search! Find a job of your dreams or your best employee on Follow our pages on Facebook: Cyprus Job Market, Maria Rozhkova

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