How to post a job?

↪Please go to the Post a Job page. Fill up 5 fields about your vacancy. Press the ‘Preview’. Pay 19.99 with any bank card. You are done!

Do I have to register to post a job?

↪No registration! In 3 minutes your job will be posted.

Are you a recruiter?

↪No! We list jobs on our website.

How to pay for a job posting?

↪Any bank card will be accepted.

How much does it cost?

↪Just 19.99 euros per vacancy.

Can you issue an invoice for a posted job?

↪Yes, of course. Please contact us by email – cs (at) job-cy.com.

Do you sell packages?

↪Yes! Please contact us by email – cs (at) job-cy.com.

How long a vacancy is active?

↪Any vacancy lasts for 30 days. After, it expires.

I’m looking for a job. Can you assist me?

↪We are neither recruiters nor headhunters. We don’t provide such service.

Can you assist me with immigration process?

↪No! We are not specialized in the immigration service.

I’m a jobseeker. Can I post a CV?

↪At this time we don’t have such service.

Where to check on new vacancies?

↪Follow us on LinkedIn, Telegram, Facebook or Instagram to receive new vacancies.