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    If you are going to move to a new country, why not to choose Cyprus? The island is located in the Mediterranean Sea, which is famous for warm and sunny weather. The job market is very promising. There are options to work either remotely or in a comfortable office with magnificent views. If you still think about this, the “Cyprus Job Market” search service will definitely help you find a job of your dream.

    Cyprus’ Cities with the Biggest Number of Job Vacancies

    About 85% of all vacancies are concentrated in cities such as Limassol and Nicosia.

    Limassol is one of the largest cities on the island, with the opportunity to live within walking distance from the sea. Unofficial statistics say that about 40,000 residents are Russian-speakers. If you are one of them and possess the requested skills, it is quite easy to find a job here since many companies with Russian roots are looking for employees who speak Russian.

    The city of Nicosia is a mecca of local companies, such as a business center. Employees speak Greek. As for the English-speaking audience, vacancies are also enough. Many English companies have branches in the country. 

    Many large businesses and about 350 digital companies are registered in Cyprus, most of them are from Europe.

    Advantages of «Cyprus Job Market» 

    If you are an employer, posting a job offer on our website is easy and accessible. To do this:

    1. you do not have to register specifically;
    2. it takes no more than three minutes;
    3. only a few fields need to be filled in order to publish а vacancy.

    The main advantage of placing vacancies on our service is competitive pricing. The bonus is also that the vacancy is published on all our social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn). And this is about 20,000 followers in total. This is all included in the fixed price, you don't need to pay anything extra. 

    Employers who post job offers on the site are mainly HR or Senior Managers. Followers of “job-cy” can easily find the best and most relevant vacancies on the island and have constant access to the company blog.

    Top 10 Professions in Cyprus

    We have compiled a list of the top 10 most needed professions for “job-cy” version:

    1. Frontend, backend, and full-stack developers. Highly-paid IT specialists, software developers.
    2. System administrators and product managers. Working professionals who develop applications for mobile and computers and promote them to the new market. The salary for such positions is quite high.
    3. Accountant. You need to monitor and control the entire cash flow of the company, keep a proper reporting for both internal and external usage.
    4. Auditor. A highly-skilled specialist who checks the tax and financial documentation of the organization assesses how it works and makes recommendations to the management.
    5. Compliance and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) experts. Employees of banking services and investment firms.
    6. Back-office specialist. Different industries are in need of them. But the highest demand comes from the financial service.
    7. Trader, Portfolio Manager, Investment Analyst, Dealers. Positions are very popular with good salaries. Working on it you just need to have knowledge and experience.
    8. Sales and customer support. Such specialists are mainly wanted by the Forex companies. If your knowledge includes multiple languages, the opportunity to find employment in this area increases.
    9. Realtor, architect, and builder. This industry is very high now. The segment is dominated by Russian-speaking workers.
    10. Human Resource. Qualified staff is required who can select the necessary candidate, as well as make a competent development plan.