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    Working in Cyprus is a great opportunity to boost your career. You will have an exclusive chance to review the way of living here, culture and people. The “Cyprus Job Market” allows you to find a suitable vacancy easily.

    How to Get a Job in Cyprus?

    You can find employment in several ways:

    1. Search for vacancies through the public employment service. It is also worth noting that may have problems with the search since all the information is posted in Greek and English. 
    2. Recruitment agencies. Companies that help in finding a responsible. The list of their services includes the support of an employee until the conclusion of the employment contract. A transfer to Cyprus sometimes is also included. The amount depends on the country of origin of the employee.
    3. Sites for ads and vacancies from direct employers. The third option for finding a place of employment is to access the Internet. Today, the network has a lot of different websites that offer work on this island. The largest number of vacancies is presented on the “Cyprus Job Market.” 

    Those who want to live and work in Cyprus only for some period are advised to get a temporary (seasonal) job. In this region, the season lasts. In summer, Cyprus becomes a tourist mecca from around the world, so this industry is always in need of workers.

    Listing of Main Jobs

    Cyprus is putting a lot of effort to diversify its economy and not depending on traditional industries such as tourism or agriculture.

    Specialties in-demand listing:

    1. Medical workers — nurses, dentists, pharmacists. The average salary of a pharmacist in Cyprus in more frequent cases is about 20000-25000 euros per year.
    2. Auditors are highly-skilled specialists who use their knowledge, check companies’ financial and tax statements, evaluate their work’s financial effectiveness, and give management recommendations and advice on financial matters.
    3. Engineers and all branches of this industry (industrial engineers, electronic workers, builders, mechanics, engineering managers, etc.). The demand for highly-skilled specialists is constantly growing especially with the construction boom on the island.
    4. IT. Software developers are specialists whose work is to create mobile and web applications, games, databases using their knowledge. There is a lack of such specialists and they are certainly in high demand. The salary is very attractive.
    5. Marketing, accountants, and sales managers. These professions are in great demand in the cities of Limassol and Nicosia. Positions are quite well paid.

    It is worth noting that the majority of the vacancies are in cities such as Nicosia (the capital of Cyprus) and Limassol. An exception would be if you seek employment in the tourism industry. Then your best location would be Larnaca, Paphos, Agia Napa, Protaras, Paralimni.

    Choose the Cyprus Job Market

    On “job-cy” you can view the most current and popular vacancies. A convenient categorization on the website will help you to find the needed position.

    For employers, it is possible to place vacancies at a fixed rate of 19.99 euros. The service is used by a large audience, so this will optimize the search time for job seekers.

    By visiting our blog, you can quickly learn all the features of living in Cyprus, read in detail about professions in demand and how to prepare for moving to Cyprus, and much more.

    Undoubtedly, the advantages of working in the Republic of Cyprus are numerous. The employment attracts skilled foreign specialists and Russian-speaking job seekers to serve Russian root companies based in Cyprus.

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