What Are the Best Jobs Available in Cyprus?

If you are thinking of finding a job in Cyprus, then the question of which area or sector to work in crops up. As one of the best job listing websites for job seekers in Cyprus, we can help answer this question for you and guide you to find the ideal career to embark on.

But which jobs in Cyprus are the best?

Forex specialist

Cyprus has become a real financial hotspot over the last decade and a great sector within this is Foreign Exchange market. Most people coming into the industry have enough skills to pick up a junior dealer, sales or support position, although you will usually need a finance or economics degree in terms of previous qualifications, along with fluent English or Russian. The rewards with this type of job are superb in terms of salary and networking with new colleagues.

IT technician

There are lots of companies all over Cyprus from Limassol to Nicosia needing high-quality IT staff. This means there are always lots of job vacancies Cyprus within this sector and it is a great one to move into. With fantastic opportunities for advancement due to the demand for the skills involved, this is a highly rewarding and secure job to consider. The skills you pick up while working in this sector will also be extremely useful for any future career plans.

Digital manager

If there is one work area that is seeing rapid growth, it is the digital sector. Working as a digital creative manager would be ideal for you if you enjoy coming up with new ideas to push a brand forward and can then use your digital skills to promote this online. This type of career usually offers a great package in terms of salary and other benefits, so is attractive to many who enjoy this sort of work.

The above are just some of the fabulous Cyprus job openings out there. If you want to know more or see a full selection, visit the Cyprus Job Market website today and let us help you further.

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