How to Successfully Pass an Interview

When getting ready for a job interview in Cyprus, it is essential to look, be and breath positive. Everything is in your hands, therefore do as much research on the company and on the job in Cyprus and prepare yourself to show the best in you. Any job interview is commonly the only chance to show yourself as that perfect candidate for the position. Obviously, you are interested in passing into the next round and being offered a contract. So, how to successfully pass an interview:

  • Get Ready. Do as much research as possible on the job in Cyprus and the company you are applying for. Some basic knowledge on company strategy and its biggest competition might become crucial in a job interview. In case you know the name of your interviewer, make some research on the person (try using LinkedIn for professional profile) and address questions, that will show that you have done your homework.
  • Practice with interview FAQs. Time is essential when trying to answer a question in restrained frames. Therefore, have answers ready beforehand. Try to shape your replies in such a way, to show yourself as that perfect candidate.
  • Strengths and weaknesses. An interview in Cyprus is not the place to reflect on answers. You have to have them ready, especially for the most essential questions. “What are your strengths and weaknesses” is probably the most frequently asked question in job interviews. Always remember the job level you are applying for. If it is an entry level position, do not try to show leadership qualities, as they are not being asked from you. On the contrary, when applying for a managing role, do not forget to mention your ability to organise, manage and guide a team.
  • Ask questions. It is very common to be asked to address the interviewer questions. Here is another chance for you to show your readiness for the interview.
  • Say no to cliches. You have to make sure you present yourself as truly and sincere as possible, without telling the interviewer stories he or she wants to hear.
  • Charm with the looks. You want to look as presentable and professional as possible. Sometimes a nice suite can help you obtain extra confidence.

As much as getting ready for an interview is important, as an advise it is not enough to make a great impression. There are key tips and guidelines, on how to act and behave during an interview, in order to outperform the pool of potential employees. These below mentioned advices, might seem straight forward , however are often neglected by many candidates for a job.

Do’s of an interview

1.Be on time. You want the job, so come early and show your biggest interest.

2.Firm handshake. Show your confidence and create the correct impression.

3.Be yourself. Do not try to pretend you are someone you are not. Sooner or later it will become obvious you were playing a role.

4.Listen and pay attention. You have to show your full interest and by being attentive you prove you are at the right place with the right company.

5.Keep your posture. A straight back and comfortable position in a chair can say many things to an experienced hiring person.

6.Think before you speak. Unless you are the master of creating spontaneous great answers, our advice is to make your homework, beforehand.

7.Sell yourself in conversation. An interview is the only chance to show your personality as well as your professionalism.

8.Take notes. It is generally a good idea to take notes in order to remember what was discussed, as well as to create a nice image of you.

9.Follow up. Calling or emailing in the next couple of days after the interview is a nice gesture. It is never too late to thank someone for their time.

Dont’s of an interview

1.Turn off your phone and hide it. It must not be visible to the interviewer, as it is disrespectful.

2.Do not arrive with a drink. It creates an awful image of you, as if you are treating the interview as a casual event.

3.Conversation instead of interrogation. Your interview must be a dialog and not a one way speech.

4.Do not talk about money. It is a taboo subject, and it is extremely early to talk about it during your first interview.

5.Critisizing your previous employments. Do not speak badly about your colleagues, bosses and jobs in general. You are to create a positive image out of everything.

6.Do not smoke or drink alcohol. These will not relax you. And non-smokers have a higher chance of being employed over a smoking candidate.

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Author: Alina Kovalchuk

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