Find your way by Maria Rozhkova

Find your way by Maria Rozhkova. Many interesting tips, enjoy watching

Episode 5

Today I want to share with you some points, some rules, that help me in my life, help me to find my way.

  1. The world around us is like our mirror and the people around us are like our mirrors. If you’re working in the office it’s a very good area, it’s a very good opportunity to discover yourself through the people, through your colleagues.
  2. It doesn’t matter what are you doing, but it’s important HOW you are doing it. Try to do all with love, with passion.
  3. Try to give more than to receive. It’s the pleasure to give more to the world, to the people. If you are working in the office try to give more to your job, to your colleagues.
  4. Don’t stop to dream. Because through the dreaming you can understand your opportunities, you can create your own goals.
  5. Say “thanks” to the world. Because now in this moment you have everything what you need.

I’m really grad to share with you my experience. Wish you good luck, love and happiness!

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