Cyprus HR Talking with Rafaella Sofocleus

How would you describe the job market in Cyprus?

Cyprus has always been a country for many nationalities to work. In my opinion, the job market in Cyprus is quite stable and secure. There are many specialized jobs in the market that anyone can take advantage of. However, in terms of the job market in relation to the salaries offered. There is a drawback for the Cypriot market. To elaborate, salaries offered don’t correspond to the responsibilities of some jobs.

What are the most requested specialists and the ones in short supply?

Specialized positions in the market are in high demand. Nowadays in Cyprus, we cannot say that there are some jobs that are most requested since the market has become bigger and more competitive. However, we can see that HR, Accountants and IT are the most frequent. Following this, IT is short supply in the market in terms of people since employees are not willing to change their career path or employer too easily.

Any difficulties you meet during the recruiting process?

As previously mentioned, during the recruiting process difficulties occur when job descriptions and responsibilities are more “expensive” than the salary offered. Thus, people hesitate to move forward. What is more, since in Cyprus the market is so small than other countries, employees hesitate to move from one employer to another.

Are the candidates based in Cyprus enough to fill your positions or you need to hunt abroad?

Candidates based in Cyprus are sometimes not enough to fill in the positions and the reason is simple: the market got bigger and companies begin everyday operations with specialists that we may not find in the Cyprus market; thus, we have to headhunt abroad.

How should CVs look like to get your attention?

CVs is the first impression of a recruiter. For me, CVs that are well organized, without typed mistakes and without many pictures and colors are the ones that get my attention. However, I always take time to go through every CV since it may be the first impression but it is not the last. In other words, I will maybe lose something good if I do not take a look in every CV.

What are the main qualities you want to see in your candidates?

The main qualities I want to see in my candidates are honesty, politeness, excitement and eagerness to develop and learn.

What kind of interview do you prefer: simple dialogue, professional tests, or stress interview?

At a first stage, I prefer simple dialogue to learn more your candidate and then professional tests are means of examining the candidates but not always effective.

Cyprus HR Talking with Rafaella Sofocleus

Rafaella Sofocleus

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