Cyprus HR Talking with Nina Prokofeva: HR-manager at Alfa Capital Holdings

Our guest today is Nina Prokofeva from Alfa Capital Holdings (Cyprus) with more than 10 years experience in Human Resourse domain. We discussed such questions as who are the most wanted specialists, what kind of interview is preferred, what are the most requested candidate qualities, the current situation on Cyprus job market and what obstacles might be met.

How would you describe the job market in Cyprus (in the industry you work)?

We are working in fast moving, competitive industry. Our company is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Therefore, we should be always up to date in regards to new regulations issued by our Regulator and follow all relevant EU requirements.

Investment industry in Cyprus was growing very fast. That created high demand in specific fields such as sales, back-office, compliance etc. Universities offer to the job market many lawyers, accountants, business administrators with basic knowledge about investment business. While this aggressively moving industry requires knowledgeable specialists in the specific areas mentioned above.

Additionally, most of the companies registered in Cyprus provide mainly forex stream of business. As a result, we have received narrowly focused specialists. Due to this, we are facing the problem of having potential candidates that are not ready professionally. They do not have enough of expertise.

Alfa Capital Holdings (Cyprus) Limited has fully fledged office in Cyprus. We offer a broad array of products in a wide range of financial instruments to its clients. We provide the following products to our clients: equities, fixed income, corporate finance, foreign exchange and retail forex business etc.

Finally, if we exclude mono-product FX companies, we are left with just few direct competitors that provide multi products to clients. Therefore, we have to invest constantly in enhancing our team of professionals, to improve and expand their professional knowledge.

Taking into consideration the abovementioned facts, we are facing the situation where employer should offer overpriced package to a high profile candidate in order to fill in a position.

What are the most requested specialists and the ones in short supply in your industry?

The most requested specialist are back office specialists, compliance specialists and experts in specific financial products or/and services.

Any difficulties you meet during the recruiting process?

Not modern or user friendly and low quality recruitment platforms.

Recruitment agencies cannot meet specific expectation of candidates.

Lack of experienced candidates.

Are the candidates based in Cyprus enough to fill your positions or you need to hunt abroad?

For specific positions, if local market cannot offer us specialists, we consider to hunt abroad. It is our normal practice.

How should CVs look like to get your attention?

Should be professional and specific according to available vacancy.

What are the main qualities you want to see in your candidates?

We believe that the two pillars of our success are our professionalism and our corporate approach.

Professionalism: we attract, develop and retain people with experience and attitude who respond to the challenges of a demanding environment and are able to exercise professional judgment at all times.

Corporate Approach: employee relationships base on mutual understanding, trust, assistance and corporate solidarity. We encourage the exchange of professional knowledge and practical experience between our staff members.

What kind of interview do you prefer: simple dialogue, professional tests, or stress interview?

Depends on the position. Usually it is simple dialog. Additionally professional test can be given to a potential candidate. We avoid stress interview.

Cyprus HR Talking with Nina Prokofeva: HR-manager at Alfa Capital HoldingsNina Prokofeva, HR-manager Alfa Capital Holdings (Cyprus) Limited, MCyHRMA

Alfa Capital Holdings (Cyprus) Limited is a Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) regulated investment firm with more than 20 years of history in Cyprus. Our approach to business derives from a belief that freedom is the people’s main value. Our mission is to create opportunities for our clients to achieve their goals and aspirations.

The company delivers highest standards of professionalism and devotion to its principles on the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) and the London Stock Exchange as well as global markets in a wide range of financial instruments to institutional clients and high-net-worth individuals.

To expand the range of services, we acquired an existing brand, Alfa-Forex, operating since 2003.

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