CySEC as an Investment Regulatory Body

The CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) is the investment regulatory body for the provision of financial services in Cyprus. They regulate a range of financial service firms on the island. Including retail foreign exchange brokers and binary options brokers along with the supervision and regulation of the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

CySEC is perhaps best known in foreign exchange markets. As a large number of forex brokers have chosen to base their operations in Cyprus, thereby falling under CySEC regulation. An estimation, that close to 80% of European retail foreign exchange transactions go through Cypriot based brokers.

Why do so many forex brokers base themselves in Cyprus?

Cyprus has become a hub for foreign exchange brokers for a number of reasons. Not least of which is a favourable corporation tax rate of just 12.5%. This rate is one of the lowest rates in the European Union, with only Bulgaria offering a lower rate at just 10%.

The fact that Cyprus is also a member of the European Union also makes it a popular choice for brokers due to the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) law. Which sets out a regulatory framework which must be followed by all countries in the European Economic Area.

Crucially, MiFID also provides passporting rights, enabling brokers based in Cyprus to offer their services to citizens based in other European Economic Area countries, without incurring further regulatory expenses.

Cyprus also has a reliable telecoms infrastructure, with ultra-fast fibre-optic broadband rolled out across the island. This enables brokers to host their platforms without the risk of failure, which would prove costly to both their bank balance and reputation. Especially if an outage takes place during a busy trading period.

Forex companies are in need of skilled workers

But financial services firms need more than strong regulation and good telecoms infrastructure, they also require a skilled workforce. Forex brokers in particular require large numbers of experienced staff. Including brokers, account managers, traders, risk analysts, business development managers and auditors. With such a large number of brokers based on the island, Cyprus has a large pool of qualified staff to choose from.

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