Working and Living in Cyprus

working and living in cyprus

Working and living in Cyprus provides great benefits to individuals and provides expats with plenty of opportunities. Employment is overseen by the Department of Labour and citizens from the EU can work in Cyprus without restrictions. As long as they obtain a residence and work permit.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Cyprus is similar to other European countries. Although expats from strong economies will find prices in Cyprus relatively low. When buying groceries, they tend to be cheaper in Cyprus compared to the UK and this is often seen in the prices of meat and fruit. With a range of small, local restaurants and cafes, expats can save money when eating out as they offer great value for money.

Typical salaries in Cyprus

For expats looking for work in Cyprus, the average wage is around €1300 per month. But this will depend on the sector and type of work you will do. Cyprus is known for having a more relaxed approach to tax compared to the UK. An income of up to €19,500 means you won’t pay tax at all.

Medicine and insurance

Healthcare is effective and cheap. Much like the UK, the healthcare system is split between public and private, with public healthcare being cheap and often free for individuals who are citizens of the European Union. Hospitals in Cyprus are deemed to be on par with those in the UK in terms of cleanliness, types of facilities and accessibility.

Visa and work permits

As Cyprus is a member of the European Union, individuals from the UK can enter without applying for additional visas. The maximum stay is limited to three months. If relocating to Cyprus, then a residence permit is linked with a work permit. The process to obtain these permits is smooth for citizens of countries within the EU.

Climate and types of jobs available

With one of the warmest climates in the Mediterranean area of the EU, and boasting warm winters, individuals looking at relocating to Cyprus would benefit from warmer climates compared with the UK. Due to this warm weather, Cyprus is seen as a tourist destination and there are many hospitality jobs in Cyprus to choose from. The service industry is a huge industry for jobseekers in Cyprus, but IT, forex, banking, auditing, company incorporation and construction all have a high proportion of prospective jobs.

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