How to Write a Strong and Good Selling CV

Nowadays, there are many job search websites, which truly make a jobseeker’s life much easier. However, having your CV in a recruiter’s database does not guarantee getting the job of your dreams. Not many of Cyprus recruitment websites will teach you how to create a selling CV. However, we will. So, take 5 minutes of your lives to make the first step in changing your future, hopefully forever.

So, how to find good jobs in Cyprus? Start building a strong CV. Many Cyprus recruiters use software for CV reading, so it is important to create SEO friendly word combinations. (e.g. marketing manager, head of sales, Russian speaking office administrator) in order to stand out.

Let’s start from the beginning

Your CV has to be unique, strong and straight to the point. You must never forget, that the average time spent on reading one resume is about 10 seconds. This time is just enough to either make an impression, or become grey mass as most of the candidates in recruiters’ eyes.

1. Visual aspect and structure

Always remember that your CV is your first impression for an employer as well as your strongest tool for selling yourself into the Cyprus job of your dreams. Visual presentation and the outline of your CV are very important. One has to enjoy reading your CV. It has to be saying “high potential” candidate, without you saying a word.

When looking for a job in Cyprus, start by making a list of desired Cyprus job positions. Now you can build your CV around your Cyprus job preference. Always remember that your CV has to reflect accurately your past experiences and knowledge. However, bear in mind, that your chances of obtaining a Cyprus job interview might be a result of positive outcome through Applicant Tracking System. This system (ATS) is a tool used by Cyprus recruitment to read your CV.

Use bullet points in order to outline strong abilities and knowledge that you acquired during past employments. This will increase your chances of finding a job in Limassol, a job in Nicosia, or any other place around the island. However, do not overuse them. Too many bullets might distract employer’s attention from the main things. Consider the amount and the size of bullets, in order to assure yourself that the potential employer will read your CV from beginning to the end.

Another important step in creating your CV is marking your pages with your name and contact details. You want to be sure, that in case a pile of papers falls on the floor, the HR will be able to put together your CV, without losing a page.

The length of statements used in your CV must neither be too long and distract attention, nor too short and giving the impression of things being not said. It is advisable to refrain from using your date of birth, in order to avoid age discrimination. Also, it is advised not be using your picture in your CV, unless you are a model, applying for a modelling role.

2. Building your CV

Start with a small paragraph, which will serve as a brief introduction about who you are, and why you are the suitable candidate for a Cyprus job. This synopsis will be key of what you have to offer as the best candidate as well as a strong statement of your professional qualities, career level and Cyprus job target.

Present yourself as an “achiever”, rather then a “doer”. Always point out your results and not tasks. It is important to remember, that a potential employer is looking for your previous contributions and your abilities to make a difference at the new job in Cyprus.

Usage of passive verbs must be replaced by active and positive one. This way, your chances to look better in the eyes of the employer will increase. Forget about monotonous verbs like “doing”, “assisting”, “performing”. They do not add value to your CV. Replace them with strong action verbs to outline exemplary achievements.

Here is an example:

Passive language: Negotiated contracts with vendors

Action language: Slashed administration costs 25% by negotiating prices, while providing continuation of services

HR managers will try to find excuses to exclude you as a potential candidate. As funny as it might sound, consider revising the wording in your CV, in order to be successful for a Cyprus job.

3. Digital Life

The size of your CV matters. Think of ways to keep it small. Formatting the file and minimising the fonts will help. Many do not pay attention to CV format, however it is advisable to submit your CV in Word format, and here is why. About 64% of HR used programs for CV reading, prefer word format. Only 19% goes to PDF, 8% to RTF, 7% to TXT. Revise the format of your CV, if you do not want to be eliminated at the stage of machine reading.

4.  Scanning Software

In order to filter hundreds and sometimes thousands of candidates for an open position, 93% of HR managers use software for scanning CVs. The raw data, coming from this software will illustrate your area of expertise, years of total experience and the level your CV qualifies you.

Overall, regardless of where you are looking for a job, be it a job in Cyprus or elsewhere, a good selling CV will increase your chances of getting the job of your dreams. So, start from the scratch and put much criticism in your CV writing. In the end of the day, you are the master of your destiny.

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Author: Alina Kovalchuk

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