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Hi, my name is Julia Stavrou. I’m offering Executive coaching and business consultancy services. Today I have decided to share with you my story. So that you know me better and understand, why I’m addressing subjects as productivity and efficiency.


Very early at my career (at the age of 25) I was fortunate to become a Commercial Director of a petrochemical distribution company. I was responsible for the sales activity of over 50 people having 9 branches across Latvia.

Later on I moved to Cyprus and became the Head of Operations and Business Development in a petrochemical trading company. It had operations worldwide and an annual turnover of more than 150 million USD. The objective of my assignment was to optimize the workflow of the back office and implement a quality management system, which I have done successfully.

After a number of years working at that position, I was promoted to Managing Director in a new logistics startup (spin-off of that trading company). I was in charge of the whole business setup, including establishing new distribution network, internal structure and processes, as well as the team management. I was extensively traveling and spend a lot of time on company’s right structure setting and alignment with the strategy, incorporating my international experience and observations. The company has received the “Best Startup 2016” recognition award from the CIBA. This position further broadened and deepened my leadership and management expertise.

Turning point

Throughout my professional life I have worked for 10+ years on management positions. During my time as a company executive I had an important insight that became a turning point in my career. Although I was managing and leading departments or businesses, the most important job was to manage and lead my people and teams to become more effective. I was really in the business of coaching people.

This insight fueled me with passion to undertake my real calling of moving into developing organizational potential as an executive coach and productivity consultant, to help successful leaders and companies become even more successful.

I wanted to offer the best tools, methodology and knowledge to my clients and this led me to the door of Saïd Business School (The University of Oxford) and obtaining the certification of ICF as a coach.

Own practice

I have created my own consulting company in 2016 and that when everything changed. Now, over the years, I’m developing my own practice. In my services I deliver guaranteed and measurable change results. My performance improvement system is much more than just a business process optimization, it’s a key to unlock the company’s potential.

Sincerely yours,

Julia Stavrou

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