How to retain your best employees?

As we already know, there are a lot of requirements for candidates when applying for a job. Meanwhile, we forget about requirements to the company itself. The biggest treasury of any company is employees. So, everything that a company can achieve, all markets that can win are possible only with loyal, experienced and qualified personnel. You have to make everything possible to retain your best employees in order to develop your company.

Why employees leave

How do you think it’s possible to gain a big success if people leave your company in a short time? Of course not! There are only some of many reasons why people can leave your company:

  1. Lack of appreciation and support.
  2. No opportunities to grow and to learn.
  3. Lack of communication and connection with bosses.
  4. No respect and trust.

Appreciate employees

“Take time to appreciate employees, and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways.” Bob Nelson

An appreciated employee will always do more than expected. How to retain your best employees:

  1. Make them feel as if they are your best and greatest assets.
  2. Let them know that their work important for the company. Call them by name. Show them that you appreciate their contribution to the general work of a company.
  3. Make goals and expectations of a company clear for every employee.
  4. Let them discover and apply all their skills and experience.

Develop employees

  1. Give an employee proper tasks for his/her position and according to their skills, experience and expectations.
  2. Give your employees opportunity to grow and develop their skills. Our world changes every day. Employees have to develop their skills in order to meet all requirements. The same time, a company should care about professional studies and courses for employees. Also, it’s very important to inform an employee about career opportunities in your company and requirements for the next position.
  3. Create a trustworthy and open environment.

Talk to employees

  1. Give feedback on performed work. Listen, discuss and be attentive to work concerning suggestions. Be open to new ideas. Make your employees trust you.
  2. Reward employees for their achievements and results. Every work has to be rewarded. Of course, bonuses are nice but not less important is recognition of a well done work. This will create good will and loyalty to a company.


Every employee needs to know that he/she is important for a company. For sure in case if employees feel underestimated and are not appreciated for performed work, they look for other job opportunity.  They need to feel that their contributions to the business are important. Retain your best employees and make your company successful!

How to retain your best employees?Kristina Lambina

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