First Interactive Search Portal for Jobs in Cyprus


The idea to create our website started from the problem that there was no place where jobseekers could publish their CV and employers could post their vacancies to hire people. It was difficult to find jobs in Cyprus. The only way was – to address to recruiters to find job or personnel. However, in this case you don’t control the process and depend on them. If you are a jobseeker you have to hope that recruiters will submit your CV for an open vacancy instead of other candidates. If you are an employer, you know that first candidates screening is done by recruiters, and not in all cases the recruiter understands the specifics of your field. Last, recruiters charge significant fees which should cover operational expenses like rent and staff salaries.

We offer solutions for both jobseekers and employers:


          publish CV free of charge

          apply to an unlimited number of vacancies

          subscribe to job alerts and receives new vacancies in his inbox

          receive invitations to consider job offers from employers

          advanced search tool to find vacancies fitting search requirements


          post vacancies free of charge

          all vacancies are streamed to 3 main social media; social traffic is covered.

          search online for candidate profile and invite them for interview

          receive applications from jobseekers

          advanced search tool to filter to best fitting CVs


Everything is done through a personal account. As a result, both jobseeker and employer are in full control of the process.

On our website you can find jobs in Limassol, jobs in Nicosia, jobs in Paphos, jobs in Larnaca.

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