What to wear for a job interview with Annita Hannadja

Now that you have achieved an appointment for a job interview, your main concern is to choose what to wear to give a good impression at the interview.  Of course, you want your appearance to be your partner to success.  People will remember either a good or a bad impression.  It is essential, to give the best impression possible so they will remember you for this position or for another one in the future.

Job interview impression

In a job interview it is the case more than any other that we have just one opportunity to show who we are.  Our appearance is a non-verbal communication of who we are.  Not a second chance to change our interviewers’ opinion about us.

Your image plays a powerful factor in making your interviewer decide if you are the perfect candidate for the job or not.  It takes just a few seconds for the interviewer to make unconscious judgments.  It depends on the company’s profile how they will see you, dressed accordingly.  If it is a very strict profile, then you have to take under consideration that your appearance should be equal and so, a formal one.  If it shows to be a more laid-back profile then you can be not so formal and men can avoid wearing a tie.  Maybe you applied to a creative design company.  In this case, you have to add a creative touch to your outfit such as a statement accessory for women. You should give the impression that you “fit” in the specific environment.  This means, that homework should not be avoided.

Fit the company style

what to wear for a successful job interview female An outfit for a serious legal firm will be completely different to what you will wear for an interview in a creative company.

Your clothes should reflect a forward-thinking attitude. If you have just one suit which you keep in the wardrobe for years, if it has become outdated, and not fitting well, then you will give the impression of being “out of touch” and “behind with the times”. This is not a good impression to give to any potential employer.

Clothes and shoes should be of good quality, in neutral and conservative colours. Your attire should be inoffensive and appropriate. Women should opt for low or medium height heel shoes.

Always have in mind to use traditional etiquette.

If you are still not sure what to wear, focus not on the “what to wear” question, instead focus on what you know about the company and the environment. By doing this, you will find the perfect interview outfit for any job position. You will be able to enter the interview room feeling confident and self-assured.

It is always important to appear well-presented. Aim to look professional, polished, conservative, and appropriate. Appropriateness is the most important factor, but the key is to choose clothes that help you to look and feel comfortable while at the same time harmonizing with the dress-code and character of the company. It is best to stick with safe neutral colours for the interview, but usually you may have a little more flexibility with your choice of colours in the workplace.

What Mistakes To Avoid in an Interview Dressing:

  • Provocative clothes
  • Outdated clothes
  • Flashy accessories
  • A very strong perfume
  • Statement clothes

Keep yourself groomed!

Enter the interview room in confidence and have a positive attitude, that you are the most appropriate person for the job.  With your appearance and your qualifications, success is definitely on your side!

Annita Hannadja Business Formal OutfitThe article by Annita Hannadja.

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