Career Options for Newly-Qualified Auditor

career knowlegde for newly-qualified auditor

What are career options for an auditor in Cyprus? Once you’ve achieved your ACCA certificate or diploma, you’re probably going to experience a strange mix of different emotions. On the one hand, you’ll be excited and spurred on with a potent sense of achievement. On the other, you’re likely to find the prospect of a career in finance somewhat daunting and confusing.

In this post, we’ll go over some key pieces of knowledge to help you get the start that’s right for you.

Internal or external auditing?

We’ll start by looking at two of the most popular positions in the accountancy niche: internal and external auditors. The biggest audit companies in Cyprus, such as PwC Cyprus, KPMG, Deloitte Cyprus, Ernst Young (EY) Cyprus, Grant Tornton Cyprus and Eurofast, often have the need for ambitious, qualified individuals to fill these positions.

The main difference between the roles is that internal auditors work within a given organisation. Then pass reports onto its directors or audit committee. They generally have some part in designing the company’s organising systems, and the development of risk management policies. By and large, internal auditors can enjoy a continuous, consistent stream of work based on the internal controls of a given business.

External auditors, on the other hand, are independent from the organisation which they audit. They’re there to give a professional opinion on the accuracy of a business’s financial statements. And work in the context of a test to monitor existing systems.

Financial controller roles

Another popular target amongst new accountancy graduates is to become a financial controller. These professionals are responsible for all the day-to-day operations in a finance department, and report directly to the company’s finance director.

As you’re probably aware, this isn’t a job title you can simply walk into and pick up as you go along. The large majority of successful financial controllers have a background in management, or many years of experience in accounting. Those just taking their first steps into the world of finance will have to work hard to prove themselves and move up to a position in this echelon of a company.

Financial controllers generally have their eyes on another, more senior role, such as finance director, or even managing director for the most capable and ambitious candidates.

Job opportunities

Cyprus is knows as major retail forex center in the world. Having over 150 regulated investment firms dealing with CFDs, forex and binary instruments, CySEC requires to have internal audit position fulfilled in-house or outsourced. Moreover, the same requirement is for external audit positions which cover personnel from the auditing firms.

As we expect the trend of registered investment firms in Cyprus will continue to grow it will create more job opportunities for specialists from this domain.

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