Cyprus as a Maritime and Shipping Center

cyprus as a maritime and shipping center

Is Cyprus a maritime and shipping center? Although the maritime and shipping industries may not be the first things that come to mind when you think about Cyprus, the fact is that it’s been a maritime centre since antiquity. With a strong and robust shipping centre, the maritime industry represents one of the country’s most successful export services. There are also more than 130 shipping companies on the island alone. Making it a top global hub for ship management services. To mention few of them: Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, Columbia Shipmanagement, Amathus Aegeas, Interorient, Solomonides Shipping, Brandenburg Marine etc.


Home of most of the shipping industry is Limassol – an unofficial country’s maritime capital. As a city, Limassol provides a base for some of the world’s best-known names in the shipping and maritime industry. A key provider of jobs in Limassol, the industry now boasts the biggest third-party ship management centre in the entirety of Europe. As well as the largest crew management centre in the world.

Crewing up

A great benefit for Cyprus-based shipping companies is that they are able to source highly knowledgeable personnel. To this day, shipping continues to be amongst the industries in Cyprus with the highest level of remuneration. Providing those seeking Cyprus job opportunities with good salaries despite the fact the country as a whole is still facing several challenges economically.

In 2016, Cyprus stepped up its employment drive with the Cyprus Maritime Academy. So, the Academy, which receives backing from the private sector, has been set up to support the shipping industry. Set up to form part of the highly regarded University of Nicosia, the Academy aims to become known as an international training centre of excellence, providing a first-class education for those wishing to seek out a career on board one of several vessels docked in Cyprus.

A bright future

The efforts should contribute towards curtailing a shortfall of seafarers by the year 2025. It will also ensure Cyprus becomes a firm fixture in the global maritime industry in the near future. A further boost has come from the government who have introduced new legislation which provides tax incentives for high-earning expats. That means those looking to seek out Cyprus jobs within the maritime and shipping industries can expect to achieve a high salary with a number of additional tax benefits. Hence, those benefits, combined with the growth in the industry, look set to make Cyprus a great location for shipping executives in the coming years.

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Photo by Axel Ahoi on Unsplash

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