Cover Letter is essential

Cover Letter is Essential

Why is Cover Letter so essential? It’s like a presentation in front of the investors. You have a brand and you have only 3 minutes to explain why to invest in your project. In that case, the brand is yourself. Do you need to sell yourself? Not exactly but kind of! You just need to explain to the reader why to hire YOU and not one of the other 100 applicants.

The Cover Letter should be presented as a formal letter with the below:

  • Your name
  • Date
  • Name of the Company and address
  • Subject with the position and the code (if it’s written on the job title.)

Moreover, start your letter with “Dear Sir/ Madame” or the name of the responsible person if it’s written in the job description.

In order to be able to write the Cover Letter you need to have in mind the questions below:

  1. Why are you interested for the position?
  2. Why you would like to apply for this Company?
  3. What kind of skills and knowledge you have that makes you ideal for the position?
  4. What kind of experience do you have in this Industry or in this job?
  5. Why do you think you are a good fit for this job opportunity?

Don’t underestimate yourself. You have so many qualities and you need to show to the reader that you can identify your skills and your strengths. Be confident and never give up! Job hunting is not easy but you can take advantage of some tips in order to present yourself in a professional way and to get the job. You can also talk to some professionals before to apply for a job opening in order to guide you. “The best investment is to invest in yourself”.

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