Work in Tourism in Cyprus

There are many things to love about Cyprus. From the stunning views and local culture through to the beautiful beaches and fantastic food. If you work in the tourism industry or would like to, Cyprus is an excellent place to work and live. With such a holiday atmosphere and wealth of resorts, it’s no surprise that many Cyprus job opportunities centre around the tourism industry.

Experience Cyprus in hospitality

There are many sectors of the tourism industry across the whole of Cyprus. But one of the most common is within hospitality and resorts, providing services and support for visitors and guests to exclusive hotels and stunning holiday locations throughout the year. With a wide variety of different roles to suit all temperaments, from working behind the bar to staffing a front desk. So, you’ll get to experience Cyprus through the eyes of your guests.

Provide memorable experiences

For more adventurous job hunters, providing transport, tours or even walking guides throughout the beautiful tourist locations of Aya Napa, Larnaca, Paphos, Limassol and Troodos can prove to be fulfilling and exciting, imparting local knowledge and information to interested visitors. With these roles, you’ll get to experience more of the real Cyprus on a daily basis. From fishing villages to ancient towns and beautiful beaches alongside your tour attendees.

Flexibility and benefits

The tourism industry not only provides the opportunity to work in exclusive and beautiful locations. Thanks to the less regular hours that tourism roles offer there is a great deal more flexibility for work hours, as well as many hotels and resorts having the benefit of on-site accommodation and staff events to create a family atmosphere amongst all the staff. For real Cyrpus living, these work hours mean you can explore the island on a variety of times and dates, to get a real feel for what Cyprus is like. Whether you’re looking for a summer role or something permanent, there are jobs to match all requirements.

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Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

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