Cyprus HR Talking with Eric McLean: Chief HR Officer at Exness

Read an interesting and funny interview with Chief HR Officer at Exness – Eric McLeanExness is a world’s leading Limassol based forex broker. You will get answers about the job market in Cyprus, recruiting, the specialists in demand, how your CV should look like and why you should not bring dog to the job interview.

How would you describe the job market in Cyprus (in the industry you work)?

In my opinion, the job market in Cyprus in our industry is fairly buoyant. We are seeing plenty of growth. We have some open opportunities on our site.

What are the most requested specialists and the ones in short supply in your industry?

We are always looking for fantastic Python and Front-End Developers.

Any difficulties you meet during the recruiting process?

There are some challenges to relocate people to Cyprus. This is expected. New location, children’s education and a different culture. People are naturally cautious about moving to the unknown. We try our best to show them what life would look like employed by Exness in Cyprus.

Are the candidates based in Cyprus enough to fill your positions or you need to hunt abroad?

We need to bring many technical skills from overseas, particularly technical staff from Russia. We get quality and a certain level of interest to move to get some experience of a warmer EU country and European business culture.

How should CVs look like to get your attention?

Clear, unambiguous, achievement orientated, and evidence of career planning. Keep them. Short and simple.

What are the main qualities you want to see in your candidates?

Flexibility, positivity, independence, and a work hard / play hard mentality. Fun people, ready to collaborate, integrate and adapt to a new environment.

What kind of interview do you prefer: simple dialogue, professional tests, or stress interview?

Interviewing and technical testing. We check abilities and personality for fit to the Exness way.

What is the funniest story you had with a candidate?

My colleague and I, once had a candidate bring her dog to the interview. She was very apologetic, she had no one to look after it. We had a small interview room and the dog had some unfortunate gas problems. At least, we think it was the dog. She didn’t get the job.

Cyprus HR Talking with Eric McLean: Chief HR Officer at ExnessEric McLean, Chief HR Officer at Exness, FCIPD









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