Mistakes That Candidates Need to Avoid in the Interview. Marie Pavlou

Marie Pavlou shares with us the common mistakes to be avoided once you've got a job interview in Cyprus. Why you should not lie to or use an offensive language with an HR Manager.

Cyprus HR Talking. Stephanie Michael from IQ Option.

Stephanie Michael represents the leading Investment Firm from Limassol - IQ Option. Stephanie shares with us the deficit roles within her organization, the qualities she is looking into candidates and why you should not ask for a date during the interview

Anthia Christodoulou Theofilou. Professional Interview: Tips to Tackle Anticipation Stress

If you are preparing for a major professional interview, you may be experiencing the familiar "anticipation stress", for either several days prior or even shortly before entering the interview room. Anthia Christodoulou Theofilou talks about it.

Cyprus Job Market Business Expert. Julia Stavrou

Julia Stavrou is an executive coach and business consultant, with broad experience in management positions. In our blog Julia will address topics such as Motivation, Time Management, Career Promotion and Professional skills acquisition.

Cyprus HR Talking. Oleg Zakharchenko from TopAssistant

Are you willing to work remotely in Cyprus? How can you find a remote job in Cyprus? What positions and skills are requested? How should you prepare your CV for a job in Cyprus? Why should you not put your wedding photo in your CV?

Cyprus HR Talking. Eric McLean from Exness.

Read an interesting and funny interview with Chief HR Officer at Exness - Eric McLean. You will get answers about the job market in Cyprus, the specialists in demand, how your CV should look like and why you should not bring dog to the job interview.

Why Cryptocurrency Owes So Much to Cyprus?

Have you ever imagined that actually Cyprus has ignited the interest towards blockchain (technology behind the cryptocurrency) and made people consider it seriously?

Exit Interviews by Marie Pavlou

The exit interview is a practice that many Companies use when an employee will leave in order to find out from departing staff what kind of things can be improved. It is designed to be a tool for making a company more efficient and a better place to work.

Cyprus HR Talking. Nina Prokofeva

Our guest today is Nina Prokofeva from Alfa Capital Holdings (Cyprus) with more than 10 years experience in Human Resourse domain. We discussed such questions as who are the most wanted specialists, what kind of interview is preferred, what are the most r

What is a Business-Formal Outfit?

Working in a legal company, a bank or an accountancy firm, or any company that wants to keep a formal profile, we have to consider that things we wear working in that company should fit their profile and so your outfits for the office should be formal.