Cyprus HR Talking. Natalia Brauze from FxPro.

Cyprus HR Talking has a pleasure to offer you an interesting interview with Natalia Brauze from FxPro. There you will find many insights about the company, Cyprus job market, the most requested specialists and recruiting process in FxPro

Guaranteed Career: The Benefits of Improvement of a Professional Qualification

Previously people could hope that their education and skills would last for life. However, now education creates only a basis for a career. If you are not interested in improvement of a professional qualification now, your skills quickly become obsolete.

Retain Your Best Employees

Everything that a company can achieve, all markets that can win are possible only with loyal, experienced and qualified personnel. You have to make everything possible to retain your best employees in order to develop your company.

Cyprus HR Talking. Mark Brooker from Wargaming.

We continue our project "Cyprus HR Talking" and now we are pleased to introduce Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Wargaming, Mark Brooker. Wargaming is a well-known and one of the biggest game developer.

Cyprus HR Talking. Daria Shovkun from Ortnec.

We meet with Daria Shovkun from Ortnec. Daria has a vast experience in IT recruitment. Daria answers which IT roles are in high demand, what are the difficulties with relocation, how CV should look like,why skype interview in boxers in not the best choice

Cyprus Job Market Expert. Executive Coach. Julia Stavrou

My name is Julia Stavrou and I’m Executive coach and practicing business consultant. Today I have decided to share with you my story, so that you know me better and understand, why I’m addressing subjects as productivity and efficiency.

Cyprus Job Market Expert. Style Coach. Annita Hannadja.

No matter what level you work at, your appearance is constantly giving out messages about you and your place in the company. The style coach, Annita Hannadja, shares with us the precious tips how to achieve a smart casual appearance at work.

Mistakes That Candidates Need to Avoid in the Interview. Marie Pavlou

Marie Pavlou shares with us the common mistakes to be avoided once you've got a job interview in Cyprus. Why you should not lie to or use an offensive language with an HR Manager.

Cyprus HR Talking. Stephanie Michael from IQ Option.

Stephanie Michael represents the leading Investment Firm from Limassol - IQ Option. Stephanie shares with us the deficit roles within her organization, the qualities she is looking into candidates and why you should not ask for a date during the interview

Anthia Christodoulou Theofilou. Professional Interview: Tips to Tackle Anticipation Stress

If you are preparing for a major professional interview, you may be experiencing the familiar "anticipation stress", for either several days prior or even shortly before entering the interview room. Anthia Christodoulou Theofilou talks about it.